Northumberland’s Castles

By , November 24, 2009 00:35

Northumberland’s castles are the place to discover both the county’s battle-scarred history and the luxury living of wealthy landowners of bygone days. We’ve more castles open to the public than any other county in England.

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle

The wild, unspoilt beauty of Northumberland’s golden coast is home to spectacular fortifications perched on rocky headlands, including Bamburgh Castle, a living, working home even today, and the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle. Warkworth Castle towers over the picturesque town of Warkworth whilst Lindisfarne Castle provides a truly iconic reminder of our rich history.

Inland, castles, fortresses and pele towers pepper the Northumberland countryside. Magnificent examples include the castles of Ford & Etal’s beautiful estate, Harbottle in the Northumberland National Park, Kielder Castle and Hadrian’s Wall Country’s Bothal Castle, Dilston Castle and Chapel and Aydon Castle. The brave can stay at the haunted Chillingham Castle or alternatively, sample the award winning luxury of Langley Castle Hotel.

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