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Driving Down Carbon Emissions

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By , March 9, 2010 14:57

Minimising environmental impact in all areas of life is still at the forefront of everyone’s minds. So too with a Northumberland based taxi company. Advanced Taxis of Hexham has just taken delivery of one of the new low emission Skoda Octavia vehicles. These amazing cars manage to pull the performance of a 1.9 TDi engine from a 1.6 unit. This means that CO2 and particulate emissions are far reduced from there larger brothers and therefore have a much healthier influence on the environment.

Speaking from their Hexham office one of Advanced Taxis’s managing partners comments, “These new vehicles from Skoda are an ideal addition to our fleet. We are very much aware of the impact that motor vehicles have on the environment, and especially vehicles which accrue vast annual mileages such as taxis. This is a perfect opportunity to be seen doing our bit for the environment and reducing our carbon footprint”.

The new low emission environmentally friendly Skoda Octavia

Tynedale Business Awards 2009: Please Vote For Us

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By , December 4, 2009 21:17

The search has begun for the public’s best businesses in Tynedale for 2009. The Awards Team officially launched this year’s search from the County Hotel, Hexham. The reason this post is to give you a link to use to vote for us and any other business that you feel deserves a chance of winning what is one of Tynedale’s top sought-after business awards.

Please follow this link and Vote Here

Pay Us Online

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By , November 12, 2009 21:20
Credit Card Payments

You can now pay your invoices, deposits etc online. Just go to our online payment page and click the Pay Now button.

New 7 Seater

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By , November 7, 2009 01:29
7 Seater Taxi

Our brand new 7 seater taxi has arrived. We have recently taken delivery of a Citroen Despatch EuroTaxi. It is equipped to carry 7 passengers and is also wheelchair accessible. Book it online now or call us now on 01434 606565.